We play in a complex space that overlaps
business strategy, intellectual property law,
brand strategy and design.



Almost every business today needs branding for some reason, but branding without first setting a business strategy is irresponsible. At Untold® we guide you through a process designed to reach or surpass your business goals by first distilling and defining your Strategic Narrative; your collective understanding of where you want your business to go and what you want it to be and achieve. We then create your brand strategy, manifested in the Visual, Verbal and Behavioural Narratives of your brand. This is done with a view to creating valuable, ownable (and thus licensable or saleable) intellectual property assets. 


Storytelling lights up the sensory cortex of the brain, increasing our neural activity up to 5 times. Making you feel, taste or even smell the story. Research shows that storytelling activates a process in the brain called neural coupling. This results in the listener empathising with the story.

That's why we place storytelling at the center of our approach.


Untold founders Paul and Steve started working together in September 2008 in a Brisbane brand agency, when Steve migrated from London. In 2018 Untold® was formed to deliver an evolved, informed and ethical business.

After working for 20 years on global, national, and regional brands, we saw where agencies and clients were failing. A year of development and testing later, we created a unique approach, and the IP to solve it.


Paul has enjoyed success in both private and public sectors, working in general manager, marketing manager, operations manager, compliance manager, sales manager and lead strategist roles. His work in brand strategy has created measurable success for many Australian brands. Paul is an artist at heart, majoring in English literature, and music before moving on to management and marketing. He inherited his Father's gift for storytelling and couples this with a love of words. His passion is helping businesses realise their brand story as active, behavioural narrative that drives authentic success.


Steve has worked for some of the worlds biggest brands, been the Associate Creative Director of a London branding agency, and the Art Director of a Brisbane one. He’s earned lots of design awards from around the world, mentors designers, has been interviewed on television about his art, sold his portraiture, and been published. He has a head for strategy, naming and loves words.


Throughout our careers, we have delivered award-winning strategy and design for almost every sector of business.

Professional Services/
Not for Profit

Some of the brands Paul & Steve have worked with in their careers include; Carlsberg, Heineken, Tesco, Diageo, InBev, Sara Lee, Lindt, Asda, Eroski, Sainsbury’s, Nestlé, Safeway, Morrisons, Sandeman, Trilby Misso Lawyers, Fisher Adams Kelly Lawyers, Barry Nilsson Lawyers, LawMaster, TMAC, Fallon, Master Electricians, Vabasis Architects, Madison Technologies, Actrua, Recreo, Auxita, Azentro, SimPro, Croomo, Clui, Vindico, Power Choice, Varria, Wright Property, Anthony John Group, SpaceFrame, Lethbridge City Council, Silhouette Academy of Talent, TAFE Queensland, Australian TAFE Marketing, Volstruct, CTY, Ruby Creek Mushrooms, Techpath, Front Row CFO, Esfolia, Forge Forward, TXTR Creative, Zeebo,

Emporium Hotels, The New Inchcolm Hotel & Suites, Hightide, Sencova, FKG, Ostwald Bros, VAE, Citimark, Lourdes Hill College, Hubbards School, Renaissant Aesthetic Health, Piptree Early Learning, LGIA Super, Elliotts, Nautech, Zuce, Noonan Racing, Vehiqa, Green Development, Multicap, Savenio, Kraftur, JDL Construction, Luminoso, Monocera, Vitalia, Oils for Life, Western Downs Regional Council, Media Mortar, NorthStar, Palmers Coaches, Facta, The Queensland Government, 2 Old Birds, KPI Sports, Southern Queensland Country & Tourism & River City Labs, Shillington Design College, Rygg, Guymer Bailey Architects, Arcadian Health, Digital Surge, Makeables, Mancave, Moonward.