Brand Design

Great design is simple. (that's why it's so complicated.)



Building a story into design elements allows us to share brand ideas. When we discover a hidden easter egg in design work, it elevates the experience, and we are more likely to remember and share the experience.


We follow a process to get a clear idea of who a brand is before we design. When we start designing, we don't simply select a font from a menu like most designers. We are trained typographers, so we are able to create exactly the type we want to fit the brand.


Because we were trained in London, we think about design a certain way: we champion clarity, clean lines, grid order and hierarchy in our design. We believe that Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.

16 global design awards, 250+ registered trade marks, and firsthand experience in almost every industry.

Untold® have a unique record of success, delivering strategic business advice, intellectual property insight, naming, brand strategy and creating globally awarded creative. A testament to our insight, is that we frequently consult to other agencies.