Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

A unified brand narrative is fundamental to business success.



Almost every business today is experiencing greater competition than before. Brand strategy is the proactive gameplan that you have in place to ensure your processes, behaviour, visual identity and brand narrative all contribute towards a stronger and deliberate future.

New brand, re-brand, sub-brand  -  get it right, with the right strategy.

An effective brand strategy gives every member of your team clarity around the brand you want to be, which means the brand you want the world (in particular your customers) to see, experience and engage with. Obviously this is much, much more than a name and a logo.







Understand where you are going before
deciding how to get there.

First define your business goals, this informs your core business strategy.
The key brand tool that will bridge the gap is the brand narrative you present to market. Brand narrative has three parts: Your verbal narrative - how you tell your story in words. Your visual narrative - the style, colours, and creative assets that deliver the look and feel of your brand. Finally, and most importantly, your behavioural narrative - the processes and behaviours you ingrain to deliver your brand experience. © Untold 2018


When you are great at what you do, but disillusioned with the industry you do it in, what do you do?

Change your strategy and change the industry. Welcome to Luminoso, who are turning recruitment upside down.

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A brand refresh or full re-brand can deliver some amazing results.

Re-Brand: Re-Imagine -> Re-Focus -> Re-Invigorate

BUT, our first question is always "Why?", followed by "Are you sure?". There are many good reasons to re-brand, but also many good reasons not to. It should only be done if there is a sound commercial reason. If there is then it can be a powerful and hugely impactful strategy both in mitigating risk and in driving performance.

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