Jenny Cohen

"The Untold Team are extraordinarily talented and definitely the best in the brand business. They see and hear what others don't and their ability to create meaningful brand narrative and world class creative is outstanding. Would highly recommend."

Pia Owen

The rebranding process with Untold has been an absolute dream. If you are looking for a memorable duo to take you apart and put you back together, Andrew and I would recommend Steve and Paul from Untold wholeheartedly. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering a product that you are not only happy with, but in love with is unique. 

Matt Harris

Untold have been supporting CTY for over 5 years and most recently they led the discovery of our new brand narrative and image. From the collaborative workshops with our whole team to the walk through of concepts to the delivering of the final details, Paul and Steve have been there the whole way. The guys (including BRAD!!) did an incredible job of taking our vision and delivered the narrative, imagery, application guides and templates that have truly changed the way we see ourselves and our story. The network Paul and Steve has also enabled Trademarks to be registered and our new website to be designed and deployed. It just made the complete process simple but effective. Sometimes you need support in being clear and concise about who you are and what you do, this is what Untold do. Thank-you. From all of us at CTY.

Racheal Rose-Rehardt
Operations Manager
River City Labs

Paul and Steve were kind enough to host three (3) online events for the River City Labs community. Their knowledge, attention to details and experience gave all attendees valuable insight into the world of branding, naming, IP and much more. Would highly recommend their work & work ethic.

Justin Greacen

Working with both Paul and Steve has been an amazing experience. Both have incredible industry knowledge, manufacturing and product experience that provided insights and guidance in the discovery process to understand our purpose and how to translate this into our brand. Delivery of the brand was not just the end but just the beginning with Untold providing consistent support with our chosen business partners to ensure consistency.
Engaging Untold has provided us with the ability to deliver a full strategic brand narrative, brand story and confident brand image to our end users.

Andrew Owen

I have nothing but great words for the team at Untold. Throughout our whole rebranding process they have been proactive, extremely knowledgable and easy to work with! Their delivery is world class and we couldn't be happier with our new brand!!

Sally Andrews

Untold, you are a unicorn brand, delivering unicorn experiences and results - thankyou Steve and Paul.
Your thoughtfulness, care and execution of multiple projects has been beyond my expectations. You both have added tremendous value to several commercial projects. You are the experts for business / brand strategy and design. I always understood the importance of storytelling for brand and your laser focus on this aspect was exceptional. You have produced strong, unique, and sustainable brands that are intelligent, memorable, and impressive. Your communication skills are excellent, and your clever strategy and design is simply inspiring. You are masters of your profession and I’m very proud to have an Untold behind my businesses.
I look forward to our next project with you both…. And by the way, we love the fedora…is the perfect touch.

Amanda Maurice
Economic Development Manager

Paul and Steve were a pleasure to work with. They researched the area well and understood the culture of our Council and our region quickly.
They were very professional, insightful and responsive at every step along the way.
Untold took the findings and delivered a brand that works both externally as well as internally, resonates with both business and local community, and can be leveraged for tourism but also more broadly for economic development strategy.
Untold analysed the situation, engaged with many key stakeholders and delivered a brand that will stand the test of time and play a significant role in the development of the Western Downs region.

Shahn and Dave
Dave & Shahn, Founders
Ruby Creek Mushrooms

Steve and Paul at Untold have been phenomenal from start to finish! Their creativity and passion to create your dream is something that has set them aside from anyone else. They have gone above and beyond with so many aspects of our business, sharing their insightful knowledge and giving us clear direction at every step of the process. We've gotten so much more than we could have imagined with Steve and Paul, we can't thank you enough! 

Sandy Bell
Two Old Birds, Canada

We are beyond grateful to Paul and Steve from Untold Consultants for their time, suggestions and advice on our marketing plan and website. We are still working on incorporating all of the changes, but they have helped us immensely in working on focusing on our vision for 2 Old Birds. Definitely check them out if you are looking for direction - they are the best!

Rick Palmer
Palmer's Coaches

Couldn't recommend Steve and Paul enough. Great to work with, very professional and creative. Looking forward to working with them again on our next projects.

Frankie Young
Shillington College of Graphic Design

Thank you both so much for your time and sharing your knowledge in "the dark art of naming'—and amazing passion and energy. We appreciate you giving our students such invaluable insights, they are still talking about it weeks later! So good to have you.

Amy Crow
Forge Forward

Steve and Paul helped me to clarify what it was I really wanted from my business. The discovery process we went through was really intense and helped me to align my values with the goals I wanted for my business. Untold have an incredible amount of knowledge and experience with trade marking and helped me so much - from coming up with a truly unique name for my business but also assisted in the process which for a first-timer, can be really stressful and intense, they helped me through this process with ease and confidence.

Ella Bryan
KPI Sports

The Untold team were an essential part of our rebranding processes. They provided a professional, creative and flexible service to suit our needs.

Paul Frieberg
Primary Cloud

Thanks for the session yesterday.

It was a bit of a marathon but I feel we all now have a better understanding internally already as to who we are from the directional process that you guided us through.

Vanessa Devaux
Marketing Coordinator

After an exciting and successful rebranding process, Paul and Steve were on point with a very interesting presentation at our brand launch. Most of the team discovered our new name the day of the presentation, Untold held the room the whole time and kept everyone on the edge of their seat. The entire Kraftur team was impressed and took ownership of their new company name instantly.

Ange Wall
Business Manager
Accelerate Automotive

We were lucky enough to meet Paul & Steve through a local Small Business network. Paul & Steve have a unique way of working with businesses to help them tell "their story" which then flows through to a strong and professional branding message. We would highly recommend Untold to anyone who needs assistance in communicating their branding message.

Cath D'Arcy
Founder and CEO
North Star, London

I have worked with Steve multiple times over the past 15 years, the last time in his new guise as Untold. I was setting up a new company and had somewhat foolishly named it on a whim.

Steve not only created a wonderful brand positioning and imagery for me, but also persuaded me to trademark it. Despite being advised by my UK trademark lawyers that I wouldn't be able to get the trademark, Steve's gave me some great advice on how to approach the registration, and we managed to get it away without dispute.

Once again, I cannot thank them enough.

Todd Pavlou

Our experience with Steve and Paul was first class! These guys respectfully listened, took the time to understand our essence and what we were trying to achieve, and then turned into a brand and narrative we are proud of.

They are truly relationship-focused, not just looking for a quick buck. I also appreciated the fact that they did not become precious about their work and the brand they created. Many marketers are!

You will not go wrong with them.

Brad Close

Paul and Steve have led our business through a very productive brand overhaul process. They listened and learned about the heart of our business and were able to put that into a brand that will make our vision clear to the world.

I was continually impressed by their willingness to invest time and effort in the process and their flexibility to work at our pace.

The result is something that we are extremely happy with and we would recommend Untold to any business.

Josh Ryan
Founder and Director

After 7 years operating under our existing business name we were recommended Paul, Steve and team for our re-brand & strategy.

After intense interrogating of the team and I they delivered a polished brand and strategy that challenged what we thought we were about and continues to push us to demonstrate our "why" more in our day to day operations.

Fun, scary and powerful exercise!

Greg Woodrofe
Front Row CFO

In order to take my CFO and governance consultancy business to new markets I determined that I needed an appropriate branding.

Paul played the pivotal role in the whole process. The branding reflected my personality and business offerings. I was so pleased and thankful beyond any of my initials expectations. FrontRow CFO was born.

Paul’s branding strategy continues to serve me well to the present day although I am sure he would be quick to impress that a brand and branding strategy should be regularly reviewed.

I would highly recommend Paul to anyone needing assistance in the area of branding and brand strategy. Professional and attentive to his client’s business direction and needs.

Paul has more recently continued to assist me in reinforcing my brand narrative by producing some excellent articles on how FrontRow CFO's business offerings have positively impacted on multiple clients.

Christian Kwakkernaat

I just wanted to thank you for your time with respect to our start-up business.

Your input and advice was invaluable and certainly an eye opener. It gave us lots to think about which meant sleep evaded me last night with the mind ticking through all that we covered, but in a positive manner...

I look forward to getting our business established and functional which will allow us to continue working with you and Untold in a further ongoing professional engagement.

Hannah Statham
The Boss
Media Mortar

Not only did Paul and Steve manage to decode my thought bubbles, they translated it into a brand promise that resonates with me personally, my team and most importantly, our client base.

I’ve heard countless brand positioning statements over the course of my career, but I’d rate the work they delivered to me as one of the best. 

What they did is nothing short of mastery. They are magicians. Only they don’t pull a rabbit out of the hat. They pull your entire brand positioning out of it.

John Lewis
JDL Construction

We have been on an exciting branding journey with Paul & Steve from UNTOLD.

Paul & Steve took us on this journey where we were able to unpack and bring to reality our ideas - they gave us insight as to what our business looked like now and what it was going to look like in the future.

Both Paul & Steve are creative - story writers with vision - they listened, they learnt, we learnt they created!

We tossed around ideas, we worked together. No stone was left unturned, every idea was explored. They are masters at their craft!

Our journey with Paul & Steve from UNTOLD has been successful on every level - fantastic guys to work with that delivered more than what they promised!

Craig Letham

Great experience working with Paul, Steve and the team. They did a fantastic job on our new branding, delivered everything on time and on budget, and they went the extra mile to help us. Highly recommend these guys.

Reeda Close

We initially contacted Paul and Steve from Untold because we wanted help rebranding and coming up with a logo for our business and they were highly recommended.  What we got from them was so much more.

Paul and Steve worked together to understand the heart of our business and what we wanted to achieve. They asked us to consider things we hadn’t before and we discovered a clearer vision, message and direction for what we want.  We knew what we did and we knew we had a good thing, we just couldn’t put it together well ourselves so we could make it clear and concise. 

They stretched us to know the possibilities we have and how we can truly get our message across.  They challenged us to think outside what was comfortable and to look at our business from different perspectives. They listened to our feedback and worked with our requests and also our delays due to the unsettled and uncertain situation the world is facing.  We have been on a journey with these guys that we never anticipated, and it has strengthened our business and branding to a degree that will make what we offer a lot clearer, more powerful and successful.

These guys know their stuff.  We are so happy to have found them and trusted their process.  Vitalia will be so much more than just a new name and logo because of the expert knowledge Paul and Steve have.  Their desire to take our vision and ideas, bring them together and help them become reality is exactly what we needed.  Thank you!

We highly recommend being part of the Untold process.

Adrian Prevost

Paul and Steve from Untold took our business down a wonderful rebranding journey with Untold crafting a clever and fitting identity for our company and people that gives us a unique way to tell our story to our clients and the world - thank you guys you were awesome and I highly recommend your services!

Craig Litchfield
Grafix Garage

Having known and worked with both Paul & Steve closely over the past two decades I can safely say that you will not find two more knowledgeable and dedicated brand strategists. If you’re having an identity crisis these guys and their combined skill sets will undoubtedly be able to offer you the best advice and direction available.

16 global design awards, 250+ registered trade marks, and firsthand experience in almost every industry.

Untold® have a unique record of success, delivering strategic business advice, intellectual property insight, naming, brand strategy and creating globally awarded creative. A testament to our insight, is that we frequently consult to other agencies.