Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Strategic clarity is fundamental to business success.



Ultimately every organisation needs to understand where it is going and who it wants to be. In order to grow into the brand you want to become in five years, you need to start behaving like it today.

Strategies for growth, consolidation, optimisation, diversification, risk minimisation, social responsibility and exit opportunities can all be part of the mix.


We help your leadership team identify and bring clarity to their vision. Sometimes that involves helping you reinvent your business model, processes and brand behaviours.


Before we build your brand,
we define your strategy.

Business Strategy | Untold


When you are great at what you do, but disillusioned with the industry you do it in, what do you do? Change your strategy and change the industry. Welcome to Luminoso, who are turning recruitment upside down.

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Untold® have a unique record of success, delivering strategic business advice, intellectual property insight, naming, brand strategy and creating globally awarded creative. A testament to our insight, is that we frequently consult to other agencies.