Telling your story, or one of ours.

We have an Untold® passion for creating and delivering interactive strategic workshops, informative and insightful talks, keynote addresses,  or guest lectures. Seeing audiences, clients, students and mentees walk away with new insights and inspiration is as energising for us as it is for them.


Workshops that work


Clarity. Overwhelmingly what participants say they have gained after an Untold® workshop is "Clarity". Whether it is a free consultation or mentoring session, or a structured strategy deep dive, value is delivered in the room.   

Most projects begin with our Brand Research And Discovery process (let us introduce you to B.R.A.D.). Untold® helps brands discover the questions they should be asking and the authentic brand narrative they have within them.


Stories are powerful tools


Untold® talks are designed to inspire, enlighten, and are tailored every time to provide practical strategic advice and tools each audience can use. Perfect for conferences, keynotes, networking functions or internal events. Choose an existing topic or request a bespoke topic. 

Better yet, let Untold® tell YOUR brand story.


Untold Speaking & Talks | Untold

"Untold spoke at a collaborative event that YUNGMUNNY held in 2019. The aim was to enlighten and help young creatives understand the importance of naming and trade marking. The presentation was humorous and insightful, extremely helpful and easy to follow."

Amy Crow
Founder, Yung Munny


"We were delighted to have Steve and Paul present to the Brisbane Graphic Design and Print meetup group in December 2019 for our end of year social event. They talked to our group of designers about the 'Dark Art of Naming', and it was simply brilliant. They are interesting, engaging, funny and entertaining. The presentation was slick and professional. Everyone got a great deal out of it, and there was lots of interaction and questions. Certainly a highlight of our events calendar, and we look forward to having them present again. Brilliant!"

Jayne Phillips
Founder, Brisbane Graphic Design & Print

Untold Speaking & Talks | Untold

Launching a Brand

You only get one chance at a first impression


Once you have established your strategy, and are positioned to go live you have a unique opportunity. You have something of value to share with the market, a reason to reconnect to existing stakeholders and engage with new ones. You only get one shot at that first impression, so it pays to have a launch strategy in play. A brand/re-brand launch is your first step to establish tangible ROI on the investment, and embed new strategic behaviours.

Untold Speaking & Talks | Untold
Untold Speaking & Talks | Untold


The launch (or re-launch) of a brand is a momentous occasion and your first opportunity to see a return on investment. Branding is as much about HR as it is about marketing. Handled right, the internal brand launch can create engagement. An inspired team are more loyal, passionate, and more productive. But staff who understand the "Why" and "How" of your brand can become brand ambassadors.

"After an exciting and successful rebranding process, Paul and Steve were on point with a very interesting presentation at our brand launch. Most of the team discovered our new name the day of the presentation, Untold held the room the whole time and kept everyone on the edge of their seat. The entire Kraftur team was impressed and took ownership of their new company name instantly."

Vanessa Devaux
Marketing Coordinator. Kraftur

Untold Speaking & Talks | Untold
Untold Speaking & Talks | Untold


"Thank you both so much for sharing your knowledge, and amazing passion and energy. Can't thank you enough for giving the students such invaluable insights."

Frankie Young
Lecturer, Shillington College

16 global design awards, 100s of registered trade marks, and firsthand experience in almost every industry.

Untold® have a unique record of success, delivering strategic business advice, intellectual property insight, naming, brand strategy and creating globally awarded creative. A testament to our insight, is that we frequently consult to other agencies.