We are an independent and ethical creative consultancy innovating in business strategy, brand strategy, intellectual property, and design. We begin with business strategy, to understand and challenge our client's status quo and ambitions. We then create verbal, visual and behavioural narratives to achieve their aims.

Our Process

Stage 00

The Introduction Meeting


Every year we meet with lots of potential clients, with the aim of listening and providing as much value as we can for free. If there is an opportunity to delve deeper and deliver greater value, then we progress to a proposal for Stage 01.

Stage 01

Brand Research And Discovery



BRAD® is our discovery process. It includes pre-reading, a 2-3 hour workshop at a meeting venue facilitated by us, and a return brief or presentation of the findings and recommendations.

The output of a BRAD® typically provides feedback on your business strategy, existing naming, narrative ideation directions, visual direction, an intellectual property review (RIPA®), and strategic recommendations.

How We Work | Untold


(Registerable Intellectual Property Assessment)

Our Directors have created several hundred registerable names and designs that achieved Trade Marks in Australia, Europe, UK and the USA for our clients. Consulting with Trade Mark Attorneys for more than a decade, they were able to prototype and refine an innovative IP assessment system.

Untold's proprietary RIPA® system establishes the worth of intellectual property, enabling data-driven decisions.

Stage 02

Naming, Narrative and Design.


Armed with findings from the BRAD® we begin naming and narrative creation to tell your story. Finding a story is the easy part, finding clear space amongst millions of existing trade marks can take weeks of work. Vetting names for trade mark registerability is an expert field, we know of only a handful of agencies worldwide who do this responsibly.

Once we have passed our stringent IP requirements, we progress to Narrative-Led Design™. Finally presenting a resolved brand narrative solution. All graphic assets and a mini brand guidelines document are produced and supplied.

How We Work | Untold

Narrative-Led Design™

At the heart of branding is storytelling, it's the human pattern. We are 13 times more likely to remember data when its delivered in a story. We design discoveries into the creative, provoking curiosity and engagement. For every NLD™ element we create, there are short stories that allow you to authentically engage an audience with your key points of difference.

Stages 03, 04 & 05

Brand Guardianship and Assistance


At Stage 02, a client will have a resolved brand, and the assets they require to take the next steps. We may be called in to assist further, such as with Behavioural Narrative (Stage 03), or to provide Art Direction, Content Creation or Design in the rollout of the brand (Stage 04), and we are often asked to be brand guardians on a tri-monthly basis (Stage 05).