Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Own and protect your brand’s greatest assets.



Owning and protecting your brand assets is a crucial part of any business strategy. Having worked alongside IP lawyers for over a decade, we have an in-depth knowledge of IP from both a legal and creative perspective. That’s why we created the RIPA™ system, a scientific approach to developing and assessing Intellectual Property assets.


In addition to top-level intellectual property such as trademarks, patents and designs, most businesses have IP hidden within their business which is valuable and creates opportunities for differentiation.

Finding these often invisible gems, whether they are processes, systems, technology, narrative or something else can be very rewarding. We can help to identify them, optimise them, protect them and help them become tangible and visible assets of your business.

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Talent management up-start North Star, based in London had been given UK legal advice that a trade mark would not be achievable for their name. We thought differently.

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Managing your IP correctly means laying proper foundations for the growth of its value as an asset. Done properly this brings strategic clarity, minimises risk, and creates clear, visible value attribution. While many businesses don’t start out thinking about an exit strategy, get this right early and you will be well prepared (and rewarded) when that time comes.

16 Global Design Awards, 100s of registered Trade Marks, and firsthand experience in almost every industry.

Untold® have a unique record of success, delivering strategic business advice, intellectual property insight, naming, brand strategy and creating globally awarded creative. A testament to our insight, is that we frequently consult to other agencies.