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Talent Management

We Delivered:

IP review and valuation, IP protection advice, trade marking, brand identity, positioning, stationery, strategic guidance.

International intellectual property consultation to secure a UK trade mark they said we couldn't have.


Serial entrepreneur Cath D'Arcy needed a new corporate identity for her London based talent management up-start North Star.

Before commencing creative, Untold always explore business and IP strategy with our clients to ensure that the result will deliver on their strategic goals, but also that it can be protected as an asset.

North Star | Untold


North Star had been given UK legal advice that a trade mark would not be achievable for their name.

After initial research and discussions, Untold proposed a strategy whereby we believed it could be achieved through careful trademark class descriptions and advised on how to proceed. 

North Star | Untold



The clean crisp treatment was designed to reflect the professional and polished approach of the client. The star placement offers a subliminal message that they represent rising stars.




The trademark application went through unopposed and

the ® symbol was happily appended to the logotype.


North Star | Untold

I have worked with Steve multiple times over the past 15 years, the last time in his new guise as Untold. I was setting up a new company and had somewhat foolishly named it on a whim. Steve not only created a wonderful brand positioning and imagery for me, but also persuaded me to trademark it. Despite being advised by my UK trademark lawyers that I wouldn't be able to get the trademark, Steve gave me some great advice on how to approach the registration, and we managed to get it away without dispute. Once again, I cannot thank them enough.

Cath D'Arcy

Founder and CEO

North Star | Untold
Northstar was able to overcome the technical obstacles and successfully register a mark using Untold IP strategies.