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Sometimes, if you want to change an industry you have to put your money where your mouth is.


Luminoso is a recruitment company specialising in the creative industries. Their director was disillusioned with the unethical way the industry operated. His mandate was to try and change the industry by bringing more accountability, integrity and responsibility to the process. They were becoming a manifesto brand... without a manifesto.

Luminoso | Untold

Untold® worked with Luminoso to find a way to build these ethics into their business model and to disrupt the industry. There were also two points of must-have authenticity in the brand: 1.  Actual, money where your mouth is commitment; and 2. Respect for the creative industries they serve. 

Together we restructured their offering with a new payment model that directly tied to the long-term success of their candidates. It was also designed to appeal to a different personality type of recruiter. No big commission, no instant gratification, instead–solid rewards for well-suited long-term placements. With this, they would turn the recruitment industry upside down. 

Many ideas were fielded to describe the Luminoso point of difference. Renaming ‘recruitment’, disruptive new job title(s) for the recruiters, and or a methodology brand differentiator. After many other ideas were deemed too clumsy or complicated we opted for the sophistication of simplicity and told their story by simply turning ‘recruitment’ upside down.

The identity design needed to be lifted to a more premium status, and we approached the custom typography with two ideas: 1. To create the simplest filter (a stencil) and 2. To mimic the illumination of type in relief.  Unlike other creative industry recruiters, this was not a Fiver logo.

Strategy and branding were backed up with some clear brand narrative and brand persona directions. It needed to channel the ‘no bullshit’, satirical, and clever nature of the founder.

Luminoso | Untold

Recruitment ads were reframed to attract attention, interest and engagement, not be role descriptions. Sometimes a role isn't going to be at a place with a google-like fit-out, but that’s ok if it pays the bills and has great benefits! Tell it like it is.

Luminoso | Untold

For example; In the job ad copywriting…

The opportunity of an overtime.
Do it for love (or super.)
Why don't you come on over salary?
Can you fart rainbows? (unicorn wanted.)
We caught you looking! Let's talk.
With colleagues like this, who needs friends?
Our client is very serious (about ping pong.)
I can see you in my office.

The manifesto was delivered as:
Hire Standards, Hire Retention, Hire Transparency.

“Great experience working with Paul, Steve and the team. They did a fantastic job on our new branding, delivered everything on time, on-budget, and they went the extra mile to help us. Highly recommend these guys.”

- Craig L

The new business model and branding generated significant attention, very positive reactions from the creative community and opened doors into some large clients and multi-nationals that hadn’t been responsive in the past.