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We Delivered:

Naming, campaign creative, stakeholder engagement, differentiation and positioning, IP protection, trade marking advice, brand strategy, brand narrative, visual narrative, behavioural narrative, brand identity, livery concepts, brand image style guidelines, social media guidelines, web UX, UI, brand guidelines.

A group of talented technical consultants who deliver human-focused outcomes needed to tell their story - differently.

From their early days of providing advice on the best ways to blow things up on mine sites, CTY grew to a team that facilitates teams blowing up the old ways of doing things, and creating better, more productive and engaged teams and leaders. They helped their clients "See the Why" behind strategies and process. They needed their markets to see beyond their technical expertise to the way they deliver results through people.


Reverse Evolution 


CTY had evolved a great deal. From a one-man band focused on consulting to the mining industry, to a growing team of technical experts in varied fields from logistics to education and the military... things had changed. The visual narrative of their brand did not tell the story of this innovative and forward thinking brand.


Like in most businesses, there was an amazing amount of value within their offering that simply weren't visible to the outside world. It was time to shine a light on that value and celebrate their difference.

It wasn't only their team that had grown and evolved. So to had their services, and the positive outcomes they delivered. Their clients unanimously stated that it was CTY's different approach, and new ways of thinking about old issues that set them apart. A fresh and refreshing approach to problem-solving, team building, and helping clients to become the positive change in their own organisation.

It wasn't just different, it was effective.
And so are CTY.

An Employer of Choice 


CTY had already grown considerably, this evolution needed to position the brand for further growth. But in addition to articulating their difference to existing and prospective clients, CTY wanted to attract the right people to join their team. The new brand took their different approach and made it tangible through Verbal and Visual Narrative.

The Meta Narrative™ 


We went beyond just a mini brand guidelines booklet for CTY, also delivering social media guidelines and brand image guidelines. Together these created a complete brand and marketing toolkit which immediately empowered the marketing team to implement the brand and live their brand narrative.

Within this project, Untold® created and registered 2 Australian Trade Marks on behalf of CTY®.

Seeing the Why - what they thought...


"Untold have been supporting CTY for over 5 years and most recently they led the discovery of our new brand narrative and image. From the collaborative workshops with our whole team to the walk through of concepts to the delivering of the final details, Paul and Steve have been there the whole way. The guys (including BRAD!!) did an incredible job of taking our vision and delivered the narrative, imagery, application guides and templates that have truly changed the way we see ourselves and our story. The network Paul and Steve has also enabled Trademarks to be registered and our new website to designed and deployed. It just made the complete process simple but effective. Sometimes you need support in being clear and concise about who you are and what you do, this is what Untold do. Thank-you. From all of us at CTY."

Matt Harris, Founder