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IP review and valuation, naming, differentiation and positioning, IP protection, trade marking advice, business strategy, brand strategy, brand narrative, visual narrative, behavioural narrative, brand identity, livery, web UX, stationery, brand guidelines, photography direction, photo manipulation, signage, environment.

A newly transformed business needed brand narrative that matched

A year after acquiring an established business the owners had transformed almost every element of its performance. Better product, service, logistics, delivery and partnerships with their teams and customers had all been achieved. All elements were falling in line with their vision... except the brand.

KPI Sports | Untold

Gorilla Sports had primarily supplied teamwear to the football (soccer) market. The new owners however had made significant inroads into netball, cricket, rugby and other sports. They had also focused on the technical polish of their product range, and optimising their operational processes.

KPI Sports | Untold

We ran a BRAD (Brand Research and Discovery) workshop with the whole team, in the boardroom of Brisbane's Strikers Football Club. And discovered: a focused lift from the rough and ready past, to an innovative, on-trend market leader.

The team were focused on knowledge, performance and innovation. And strove to achieve new benchmarks in everything they did. These three brand themes became their key performance indicators and they became: KPI Sports.

KPI Sports | Untold

The Gorilla was extinct, and the team had an aversion to all other animal mascot brand concepts. The new icon had to be as simple as the Nike swoosh, and yet be original and have an authentic story. KPI is all about performance–and their new icon became a stylised 'greater-than' symbol.

KPI Sports | Untold

The visual narrative needed to be edgy, aspirational and celebrate sport. The team unanimously agreed that the new brand persona should be 'dark and stormy'. KPI's in-house design nous and aesthetic sensibility meant that a high bar was set for the new look.


We began creating a 'frozen photography' brief and asked our photography partner Mike Curtain to begin testing smoke grenades, spray and splash techniques. Once the shoot was complete, together with Mike we started retouching all the images to get just the right amount of special effect in each shot–beginning with the five hero action shots.


We established some starting goals for the social media launch
and designed guidelines to assist KPI's in-house social media team. 


We worked with the team to create a brand launch campaign, social media posts, signage, catalogue templates, brand guidelines, stationery and social guidelines.
KPI now have an ownable verbal narrative asset that authentically reflects their point of difference in the market. Their visual narrative is also punching above its weight, setting a new benchmark in the sports teamwear industry.
"The Untold team were an essential part of our rebranding processes.
They provided a professional, creative and flexible service to suit our needs."
Ella Bryan
CEO - KPI Sports