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IP review and valuation, naming, trade marking, brand strategy, brand narrative, brand identity, brand communication assets, livery, environment, stationery, brand guidelines, copywriting, strategic guidance, team coaching, internal brand launch presentation.

A high-performing team, leveraging technology to deliver true industry leadership.

Established concrete experts Shepcon QLD were referred to us for help defining their brand narrative and positioning, and reviewing their Intellectual Property (IP) and brand assets. 



We ran the leadership team through our BRAD (Brand Research and Discovery process), and defined a trade markable brand promise based off our findings. ‘A Concrete Advantage®’ talks to the many layers of advantage that Shepcon provide through their engineering approach, plant and machinery investments and team training.

Kraftur | Untold
Kraftur | Untold

Shepcon, was a rare find. Technology-savvy, personable experts who deliver world-leading flat floors in challenging environments. Sadly the name Shepcon wasn’t contributing to the brand narrative and had some negative equity. We were then tasked with finding a better name. After shortlisting hundreds of names, and evaluating the IP value of each, we recommended the Icelandic word 'kraftur'.

What's in a name?

Kraftur® is focused on enabling its team to achieve excellence in craftsmanship, so the phonetic of 'crafter' suited them to a T. However 'crafter' would be considered a descriptive term in this industry, and our story goes a little deeper than that.

Kraftur® means 'strength' in Icelandic, and you'd be forgiven for assuming that it refers to the concrete. The strength of Kraftur® is actually their team. 

We designed an icon based on the original surveyors ‘benchmark’–a term we all use, but few actually know the origin of. By embedding a powerful and relevant piece of trivia into the brand, we empowered the whole team to deliver a great brand story in their own words. We then created custom typography, using a bold engineered approach, and incorporating the benchmark as a ‘K’.

Kraftur | Untold

‘Paul and Steve from Untold took our business down a wonderful re-branding journey, crafting a clever and fitting identity for our company and people that gives us a unique way to tell our story to our clients and the world - thank you guys you were awesome and I highly recommend your services!’

Adrian Prevost

Kraftur | Untold
A new brand and a success rate on tenders that rose from 1/6 to 1/3 meaning they had to increase their staff from 40 to 100 despite the arrival of the COVID pandemic.