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We Delivered:

IP review and valuation, naming, trade marking, brand strategy, brand narrative, brand identity, brand communication assets, livery, environment, stationery, brand guidelines.

A boutique consultancy, that optimises and augments businesses.


Proactive consultancy JMR IT were referred to us for help defining their story. They had already begun a renaming process with an Australian trade mark application submitted, and looking likely to register.

We ran the leadership team through our Brand Discovery and Research Workshop, and armed with the insight that JMR were actually delivering business consultancy, rather than reactive IT–we agreed together that a new brand name and positioning were required to communicate this.

Monocera | Untold

JMR IT, are a rare find. Technology-savvy, personable experts who deliver powerful business insights with charisma and humour. After shortlisting 300 names, and evaulating the IP value of each, we settled on a word that was as unique as the team. Monocera® is the greek word for unicorn, because thats how rare these guys are.

Although the idea was cheeky and clever, we needed to visually deliver the boutique and astute nature of the brand too. We created custom typography, using a bold egyptian style didone, and cutting away the hairlines to create a digital-friendly juggernaught logotype.

Monocera | Untold
Monocera | Untold

We established the technical promise: Augmenting Business™ allowing them to expand on how, and where they can add value as business consultants, rather than simply providing reactive IT fixes.

And we created a sub-brand that allowed them to make their bleeding edge R&D visible–The Special Projects Division.

Monocera | Untold

‘After 7 years operating under our existing business name we were recommended Paul, Steve and team for our rebrand & strategy. After intense interrogating of the team and I they delivered a polished brand and strategy that challenged what we thought we were about and continues to push us to demonstrate our “why” more in our day to day operations. Fun, scary and powerful exercise!’

Joshua Ryan

Monocera | Untold