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Capturing the essence of a young team experiencing meteoric growth in the app sector

Just a few years ago a couple students created a startup in the app development and design sector. In a short time they went from their own single app to creating over a hundred on the app store for their clients. Demand saw them scale from two to twenty in the blink of an eye. They needed a reset, and strategic clarity. And before moving to new CBD offices, they needed to position their culture and narrative for future success. 

Accelerated growth had presented the team with both opportunities and challenges. The leadership team wanted to identify their core value proposition and create cultural behavioural narrative that empowered their growing team to continue delivering on-brand.

An Untold® BRAD® (Brand Research And Discovery) process helped them build this clarity and their brand narrative.

Moonward | Untold
Moonward | Untold

Their existing brand name wasn't aligned with their strategic narrative and was not registerable as a trade mark. In our various interviews and group discovery session, we uncovered lore, dating back to an early client. She had thanked the team for transforming her idea and for taking her app "to the moon". That phrase had been adopted internally as a measure of commitment for every project. Moonward™ was born.

Moonward | Untold
Moonward | Untold

Structures and systems will set you free

Creating effective visual narrative systems builds brand recognition  while simplifying future design and creative projects. Moonward's atmospheric visual system offers a wide variety of creative options while maintaining brand consistency.

Moonward | Untold

Making value visible

Working with the team we created ways to codify and describe their processes which were on brand. This delivered both verbal and behavioural brand narrative. A.S.C.E.N.T. and O.R.B.I.T. were created to describe their processes and make visible the value of these brand behaviours.

Moonward | Untold

The vibe of the thing

We created stories about teamwork that linked to our space vibe. Neil, Buzz, Mike is the story of the apollo moon landing, we all know Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, but few of us know the third astronaut - Michael Collins. Without Mike, Buzz and Neil would have never got home, and he never set foot on the moon. Moonward's team culture had many hidden performers and it is a great compliment to be "like Mike".

Moonward | Untold

"I have nothing but great words for the team at Untold. Throughout our whole rebranding process they have been proactive, extremely knowledgable and easy to work with! Their delivery is world class and we couldn't be happier with our new brand!"

Andrew Owen

"The brand reveal was awesome, goosebumps when I attended the presentation"

Imran Ali

"Huge thank you to Paul Martyna and Stephen Younger from Untold who literally imagined and fabricated the most incredible brand for us!"

Pia Rees-Rogers

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