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Gourmet and medicinal foods

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Turning a hobby and personal passion into a powerful and engaging brand

The Ruby Creek story doesn't begin at a creek. It begins with a rural forest hike where a few beautiful little mushrooms began a journey of discovery into all things gourmet mushroom. From paddock to a pristine growing environment in a custom, climate-controlled growing room, to markets, restaurants and wellness practitioners, it has been quite a journey. 

Ruby Creek knows more about mushrooms than we knew existed. Different strains, growing techniques, gourmet uses, medicinal properties... all the Mushroom Exotica you could imagine, and some you wouldn't. What they didn't have was clear knowledge of how to bring them to market.

An Untold® BRAD (Brand Research And Discovery) process helped them build this clarity and their brand narrative.

Ruby Creek Mushrooms | Untold

Dave, Ruby Creek's founder, was blessed with the beautiful French name Lyon. Of course, as a true-blue Aussie larrikan, he has always pronounced it 'Lion'. This happy accident, however, allowed us to build on the gourmet nature of the brand by utilising a slight French twist which is perfectly in keeping with his cheeky nature.

Ruby Creek Mushrooms | Untold

Creating a brand narrative playing on 'champignons' (champions) of gourmet brought the brand's slightly cheeky personality to life. While the creation of the term 'Mushroom Exotica' encompassed all of the knowledge, paraphernalia, recipes and other unique elements that the brand brings to market.

Ruby Creek Mushrooms | Untold

Much like the narrative, the identity played on gourmet cues. We took the old fashioned typographical stamp identity used by victorian purveyors, and now gourmet brands - and we subverted it subtly. The cheeky language is captured in custom typography, which mixes weights and styles. The brand name is completely custom type, and a ligature was drawn to have the R 'lick' the U, not just for fun though- when brands go digital they need to reduce and this device allowed us to create a shorthand RC.

Ruby Creek Mushrooms | Untold

The visual ID was created as a topographical map to reflect the wonderous locale of Ruby Creek...

The 'always fresh' roundel provides a guarantee mark which reflects both the quality of the produce, and the personality of the brand and its founders.

"Steve and Paul at Untold have been phenomenal from start to finish! Their creativity and passion to create your dream is something that has set them aside from anyone else. They have gone above and beyond with so many aspects of our business, sharing their insightful knowledge and giving us clear direction at every step of the process. We've gotten so much more than we could have imagined with Steve and Paul, we can't thank you enough!"

Dave & Shahn

Ruby Creek Mushrooms