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A legal letter from America challenging their trade mark was just the beginning.


Brand clarity sometimes comes out of adversity, or its challenger, positivity. Brand narrative comes out of the authentic belief those things give you. Vitalia is the perfect example.

Vitalia | Untold

Buying the Oils for Life (OFL) business was a natural extension of our client's essential oil, wellness and low-tox lifestyle business. The purchase included the Australian registered trademark and domain registrations. As well as the online and retail operations.

When they were challenged by an American company (Oil Life) for the use of the name "Oils for Life" they talked to Untold. 


Vitalia | Untold

They had another brand in their brand family, Vitalia which incorporated the founder's personal businesses and influencer activities. Their first instinct was to simply rename the new business Vitalia and move on. However, we advised that the OFL brand was an asset with equity in the market and that while Vitalia may be a better masthead for their combined offerings they shouldn't just walk away when they owned the Australian trade mark.

Ownership of the Australian trade mark and their previous trading history meant that the Americans had no grounds to object to their trading. A polite but confident letter indicating this changed the tenor of the discussions dramatically.

Plans to adopt Vitalia as the lead brand continued, but OFL would become a product line brand, retaining the equity and reputation. Moreover, their firm but polite communication with Oil Life led to a new business relationship with the American firm.

The name Vitalia means "Full of life" and represents positive living and health, but some additional brand assets were required to deliver the full narrative. A brand promise of "Life to the full" was incorporated to bring the founders' personal 'Why' to the mix. And then their belief that true wellness was collaborative, collective and importantly, a conscious series of choices, gave birth to 'Co-wellness', their 'What'.

Vitalia | Untold

No font would have been perfect for Viatalia, so we created our own. Type was hand-drawn to incorporate several san serif styles. (Note the double-story 'a', the serif 'i', curved 'l' and the short ascenders.) A custom leaf/oil icon was employed here as the 'tittle' of the lowercase 'i'.


Vitalia | Untold

Life–to the full™ was designed as an anamorphic element. The line would stretch over spaces, even around corners, and onto other canvases. It became a dynamic tool useful for framing visual narrative, spaces, and document breaks.

Vitalia | Untold

Co-wellness appears in a roundel with a custom illustration which spoke to the natural origins of their products as well as their network. The design also delivered a second message–the repetition meant that co-wellness also became the

"We initially contacted Paul and Steve from Untold because we wanted help rebranding and coming up with a logo for our business and they were highly recommended. What we got from them was so much more..." 
Reeda Close

"Paul and Steve have led our business through a very productive brand overhaul process. They listened and learned about the heart of our business..."  
Brad Close