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When regional tourism branding travels far beyond
a tourism narrative

Regional tourism branding in the vastness of the Australian landscape is always an interesting challenge. Start with a very diverse region, only slightly smaller than Switzerland, throw in intense competition, oh... and a pandemic. Then it really becomes interesting.

Western Downs | Untold

From rainforests to red-earth plains, solar farms and LNG to chick peas, melons and cotton, there is no simple way to summarise the landscapes and experiences of the Western Downs.

Historical sites, famous artists, mega-fauna (and flora) fossils, festivals, food and fun. All are to be discovered and enjoyed in this amazing region.

Western Downs | Untold

And as you traverse these lands, you will find that though sparsely populated, they are full of people who make things. They make produce and poetry, art and artisanship, industry and innovation, energy and experiences.

They are the locals and larrikins, the farmers and business folk, the hosts and helpers you meet along the way.

They are people that make things, including your memories.  

Western Downs | Untold

The campaign was designed to be modular, allowing each application to deliver the region, individual locations, events, experiences or initiatives.

"Hey Paul and Steve,

My head is spinning again this morning as to the simple perfection that you presented yesterday and its broad application across all of economic development.

I've just gone for a walk around Chinchilla and can see the fit everywhere.

Mind blown ... thank you a thousand times."

Amanda Maurice

Economic Development Manager

Western Downs | Untold

The 2008 amalgamation of five small town and shire regions (Dalby, Chinchilla, Murilla, Tara and Wambo) and part of a 6th (Taroom), brought together 65 localities and 15 towns under one banner. Western Downs Regional Council was born.

Twelve years on many locals still identified with their own town or locality more than the regional identity. The new campaign brand was designed to tap into the sense of local pride, and encourage staycations.

"I've seen a lot of brand campaigns and I've seen a lot of brand narratives and I think this is one of the strongest I have ever seen. You've done a really good job in capturing the essence of Western Downs and I think this is going to be a really good project.

We certainly are very excited at Southern Qld Country Tourism to get behind it and support it however we can. I think it is a wonderful thing for the Western Downs. From a tourism point of view, you've absolutely nailed the essence of it." 

Peter Homan

CEO, Southern Queensland Country Tourism

Western Downs | Untold

A successful tourism and economic development brand needed to unite all WD residents and turn them into ambassadors. Driving economic development (and post-Covid recovery) is a core element of the campaign. It creates economic ambassadors of the residents and will be utilised across a range of economic development assets and initiatives.

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