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A software development start-up who were really HR revolutionaries.

These dynamic and inspirational clients came to us after realising that they couldn’t use their existing brand name. They had a new working title, “LeadUs” for their management software tool, that uses DISC personality assessments to inform communication methodology for managers. Through our discovery process, we found that it was more than just software. It was a vision for changing workplaces for the better. While the name may have been viable in terms of governance, strategically it did not represent what they were creating. 

They needed a brand name and narrative that went beyond just the product and which would inspire people to create real and impactful change in their workplaces.

This was a manifesto brand.

Facta | Untold

The clients believed that modern performance management was flawed, and that DISC behavioural assessment, though powerful, was rarely put into effective action. Once learned, the system ended up on the shelf with all the other management theories.

Accountability and action are pillars of their belief set, but are balanced by the drive to improve employee wellness and engagement. At all levels.

Facta | Untold

This was the genesis of their new brand, “Actions not words”. Facta non verba. The latin ‘facta’ literaly means to put into action.

Facta was born.

Facta | Untold

The manifesto also needed to be made manifest, and that meant naming it. It needed to describe the larger ecosystem of behaviours, practices, process, coaching and engagement that went with the software.

The name had to have the credibility as a new management science, using behavioural profiling to create more harmonious workplaces. It is something you should be able to get a PHD in. We named it Behavioral Harmonics.

Facta | Untold

The logotype was designed to incorporate the DISC assessment visual language while showing two different behavioural types intersecting. They are connected by the sound waves of harmonious communication and interaction.

This creates a visual depiction of Behavioural Harmonics in action.

Facta | Untold

‘Our experience with Steve and Paul was first class! These guys respectfully listened, took the time to understand our essence and what we were trying to achieve and then turned into a brand and narrative we are proud of. They are truly relationship focused, not just looking for a quick buck. I also appreciated the fact that they did not become precious about their work and the brand they created. Many marketers are! You will not go wrong with them.’

Todd Pavlou - Director