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When Orthopaedic Surgeons re-design thermotherapy recovery aids from scratch.

We knew from the outset that these products would be smarter solutions, we didn't know that the client wanted a futurist aesthetic that pushed the envelope. It's not every day that you get a design challenge with this much freedom and expectation.

The most basic, and important, building-block of
creating brand narrative is naming. This is especially
true in feature-heavy products.

Rygg have innovated and re-designed every element
of their products. This meant there were a lot of new
stories to tell. Naming each new innovation and
feature gave us a way to make them visible.


Our BRAD™ Process revealed that the brand needed to be: Imaginative, Intelligent and Edgy. Its products were high-performance, sleek, strong, engineered, anatomical, refined, purpose-built and modular.

With this narrative background we started the naming journey by naming the scientific approach.

Rygg treatments are the scientific, external application of thermal heat and cold, using targeted pressure to subcutaneously stimulate or constrict blood flow, reducing cramping and soreness and/or reducing inflammation.

We call this Thermonics™.

Rygg | Untold

This ain't your momma's heatwheat

Treating elite athletes who travel around the world meant creating a product that was high-tech, hypo-allergenic and air-travel-friendly. The wheat used in traditional products is none of these. Purpose-designed ceramic beads with impressive thermal retention properties provided the solution.

We named them Cera-Thermic™.

Rygg | Untold

Rygg's advisors helped them create Orthopaedic EngineeredTM products which were designed with patent-pending Anatomic ArticulationTM to follow the contours of the human form more effectively.

To cover the product they created a super-luxe, sustainable and hypo-allergenic fabric which draws its name BambusaTM from a genus of bamboo from which it is made.

And three new brands were born.

Rygg | Untold

Modular products, modular brands

With multiple products, applications and variations the brand needed to have a modular structure to allow for all the existing (and potential future) applications. The variations included product type: HeatRygg, ColdRygg™, ShoulderRygg™, as well as line descriptions: RyggThermonics™, RyggCompression.


"Untold, you are a unicorn brand, delivering unicorn experiences and results - thankyou Steve and Paul.
Your thoughtfulness, care and execution of multiple projects has been beyond my expectations. You both have added tremendous value to several commercial projects. You are the experts for business / brand strategy and design. I always understood the importance of storytelling for brand and your laser focus on this aspect was exceptional. You have produced strong, unique, and sustainable brands that are intelligent, memorable, and impressive. Your communication skills are excellent, and your clever strategy and design is simply inspiring. You are masters of your profession and I’m very proud to have an Untold behind my businesses.
I look forward to our next project with you both…"